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Our public relations work

In the course of our institution's work we have made the experience that the mere mentioning of Interkulturelles Frauenhaus often meets with both the professional's and the immigrant women's approval. They recognize that our institution meets the needs of immigrant women who are suffering from domestic violence. Our project has gained wide publicity in Berlin and beyond and places in both the shelter and the sheltered housing project are in great demand.

We offer a wide range of materials and resources to educate and inform the public, the media, the police, courts, social services and other agencies with respect both to the violence women experience and the specific situation of abused immigrant women and their children.

To inform the public we offer:

  • periodical publications on domestic violence, immigrant women etc.
  • public presentations
  • interviews
  • articles submitted to newspapers and magazines
  • experts
  • on-site information
  • trainings for professionals
  • further information resources

These sources can be used by:

  • journalists
  • employees in government and non-government institions and agencies
  • politicians and representatives of society
  • experts
  • teachers and doctors
  • research institutions


For further information contact:

Ms Dr. Nadja Lehmann: Telephone 80 19 59 80
E-Mail: leitung@interkulturelle-initiative.de



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